Hambledown Road Imprints is an Adelaide based consultancy working in partnership with the international publishing house Central Avenue Publishing (Vancouver, Canada) to facilitate the print distribution of titles by Australian author Dean Mayes to book stores in the Asia Pacific region.

Current titles managed by Hambledown Road Imprints for print and digital distribution include “The Hambledown Dream” (2010), “Gifts of the Peramangk” (2012) and “The Regenesis Cluster” (2013).


Mr. D Mayes
Consultant in Principal

Hambledown Road Imprints
ABN 20 837 283 291
44 Rose Street
Mile End, SA, 5031.
Email: hambledownroad@internode.on.net
Skype-In: +61 8 7200 1165
Cell: +61 4 3142 0528


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